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2014 Events-at-a-Glance in HISTORIC MANSFIELD


Farr Best Theater Spring Concert Series
January 4-June 7, 2014


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Mansfield Then and Now
When Ralph S. Man and Julian Feild arrived around 1856 and built a grist mill at the crossroads that was to become the center of Mansfield.

Man and Feild completed their three-story brick grist mill sometime between 1856 and 1859. The prospering community which had grown up around the Man and Feild mill took on the name of "Mansfeild", a combination of the names of the founders. Repeated misspellings over the years resulted in the acceptance of the conventional spelling of "Mansfield."

Today, the community of Mansfield prospers more than ever!

Thank you, folks.
We were not aware of old downtown Mansfield (I apologize for that). We have driven past it dozens of times over the years. Some friends of ours actually own property in Mansfield and didn't know it was there! How is that possible? Hopefully your efforts will remind many people that there was a warm charming place in Mansfield before sprawl came to town.

We really like the feel of those few remaining blocks of that real home town Texas in Mansfield. Please preserve it.

Thanks again,
Bob D.
Corsicana, Texas

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